About us

About us

We are The Feel Good Bakery.

On a trip taking young people from London estates to volunteer in Kenya with a project supporting street children, a light bulb moment happened. One of the young people on the trip who had been heavily involved in gang life, poured out his heart saying he didn’t want to go back to a negative lifestyle when back in London, he wanted to help others, but he didn’t believe he could even get any kind of legitimate job back home.

We decided to set up an enterprise that would support, train and employ young people that wanted to turn their lives around and at the same time do something that makes a difference in the wider world. We set up The Feel Good Bakery.


Every coffee you buy funds a meal for a child at one of three inspiring projects based in Kenya and Romania. Regenerate have partnered with these projects ever since they were set up, and each year our team travel to volunteer alongside some amazing people to see first-hand the impact that they are having on some of the poorest children in their communities.

Nakuru, Kenya – Rain Edge International

Rain Edge International was set up by Sammy Nawali. Sammy grew up living on the streets of Nakuru and has helped thousands of children and young people from a similar background.

Rain Edge run a primary and secondary school, plus a Saturday feeding program for hundreds of children. They are providing homes for ex-street children and orphans, as well as creating job opportunities for young adults in the community.


Soard, Romania – Dare 2 Dream Agape

‘Dare 2 Dream Agape’ is based in a Roma community that has struggled with high levels of poverty. The charity started by running camps and activities before starting weekly feeding programs in 2014. Since 2014, Dare 2 Dream Agape have built a community centre, are running programs for young people and families, and have become a registered charity. Dare 2 Dream Agape have had a hugely positive impact on their community and as a consequences of their work we have seen people stepping out of poverty.

Nairobi, Kenya – Tumaini African Foundation

Tumaini African Foundation was set up by a group of friends from Soweto, Nairobi, wanting to make a difference to their own community. Tumaini have been running ‘more than just a meal’ on Saturdays there since we began The Feel Good Bakery in 2014. They serve an average of 350 meals to hungry children each week and are now building a centre in their community where they will run their mentoring and youth projects form, as well as hosting a library. Regenerate are proud to have been working with Tumaini since 2005.


Read more about the projects above by purchasing:

The Feel Good Stories book by photographer Nahwand Jaff

Some of our regulars


Nandos HQ


The Wimbledon Club

Roehampton Student Union



...And many more!

Feel Good: The Movie

How good does it feel to order Feel Good Bakery sandwiches for your business every month?

We asked two of our regular customers... and they made us a film about it!

This is how Feel Good feels

How great is that?

When our friends at   and experienced all of this… they decided to make a film about it.

We love the avocado who loses his tummy-pit; we love the way the cherry tomato jumps through the hole in the Swiss cheese; in fact, we love all these characters so much we’ll be using them a lot more in the future. Think of them as our celebrity spokes-foods.

Get some Feel Good for your company

Here’s the best thing about all this: you can inject some of this Feel Good mojo into your own company – by buying a tray or two of Feel Good Bakery sandwiches for your team once a month.

A bunch of businesses in Southwest London are doing just that: sitting down together once a month to press the ‘pause’ button, share a meal, chat about nonsense and (secretly) build a better company culture. One Chunky Egg Mayo with Bacon at a time.

It’s fun. It’s team-building. And it’s so karma-soaked that something great is guaranteed to happen to your company once every month.

Innocent Drinks does it.
Nando’s HQ does it.
Velocity does it.
The Wimbledon Club does it.
Roehampton Student Union does it.
weareseventeen does it.

Your company can do it too.

We deliver all over Southwest London.

Give us a standing order and we’ll deliver a heaping tray of Feel Good sandwiches to your offices once a month. And salads, if you prefer. And popcorn. Your call.

Let’s do this thing.

Get in touch and we’ll come by with some free sandwiches and have a chat about helping your company get together, once a month, to smile, bond, laugh, eat, joke and remember how much you all like each other.